How It Works

"The Nod" is Crowdpolling for the rest of us.

To get the nod is to get acceptance or approval from someone or some group of someones.

Got an important decision to make and you are just not sure what to do?

Why not put the power of the crowd to work for you?

Politicians do it, Big business does it, and now the same technology is available for you.

Using tha Nod is simple, you just:

1. Ask a Question

Ask a Question

2. Pin Your Options

Pin your Options

3. Poll Public, Private, or Local

Poll public or private

4. Let the User to Cast vote on Your Option

Let the user to cast vote on your option.

5. Wait and See, "The Picture One" gets "Tha Nod"

The Silence of the Lambs

6. Enter Your Final Resolution.

Enter your final resolution