About Us

The Nod is

The Pinboard with a Purpose

Throughout time people have used pictures to tell stories that were important to them. Tha Nod uses sequential images to help you show your stories and questions and make them more clear. Using Tha Nod you can get advice, give visual accounts of stories or just connect with others by helping them solve their problems.

Tell your Story and get the Feedback you need.

Far more than a pinboard service, Tha Nod allows you to get support for your questions. Using our instant polling ability, we allow you to use pictures to make your point and to use polls to view your results. Now, people can see and instantly relate to new situations. And most important, you wont have to make decisions alone anymore. Now, you can share your stories, and see which answers get "Tha Nod."

Get help with

1. Buying a New Car? Find out which Car, is a favorite before you make your purchase

2. Going to the Prom? Get help from friends to find out which dress is the hottest

3. Planning a new garden? Show people the space and let them see actual options to help you plan.

4. Thinking of places to Travel? Share your thoughts, let others help you

And you can use "Tha Nod" absolutely free. Use it in public mode and let the world know what is on your mind, or use the private function and send your polls to just a few.